The exquisite beauty of my child captivates all who lay eyes on her. I am overjoyed to have brought such a radiant being into the world. Grateful beyond words to have her in my life.ThanhSinh

In the realm of wonder, a masterpiece unfolds,
A radiant being, a treasure to behold,
My child, with a beauty that captivates all,
In her presence, hearts surrender, spirits enthrall.

Exquisite and enchanting, she shines like a star,
A reflection of love, both near and far,
With every smile, a thousand sunsets ignite,
I’m overjoyed, grateful for her radiant light.

Her presence, a gift, a blessing profound,
A love so pure, an endless love unbound,
In her eyes, I see a world of dreams unfurled,
Her laughter, a symphony that dances and swirls.

Oh, the joy that fills my heart, overflowing,
As I witness her growth, her beauty ever-growing,
Grateful beyond words, for the bond we share,
A love that transcends, beyond measure, beyond compare.

In her innocence, she teaches me to see,
The simple wonders, the beauty that can be,
Through her laughter, I find solace and peace,
A gentle reminder that love’s blessings never cease.

Her presence in my life, a beacon of light,
Guiding me through darkness, dispelling the night,
For in her existence, I find purpose and grace,
A love so profound, time cannot erase.

Together, we embark on life’s wondrous ride,
Hand in hand, side by side,
With every milestone, her brilliance unfolds,
A reminder of the miracles life holds.

Grateful beyond words, for the love we share,
In her embrace, I find solace, I find care,
For she is the embodiment of purest love,
Sent from above, a gift from high above.

So, let us celebrate her exquisite beauty,
A radiant soul, a beacon of serenity,
In her presence, my heart forever sings,
Grateful, beyond words, for the joy she brings.

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