Strange lake in China: Where salt crystallizes into gems, planes can land, trains can pass through.TranYen

Deep within the Saidamu basin in Qinghai province, China, which covers an area of ​​approximately 120,000km², a quarter of which is covered by saltwater lakes and dry lakes, there is the largest salt lake in China. – Qarhan Lake is also known as Qarhan Lake.

In Mongolian, “Sharhan” means “world of salt”.

Saterhan salt lake has a total area of ​​5,856km², is the convergence of other salt lakes such as Dabuxun Lake, Huoc Bo Ton Nam and Huo Bo Ton Bac (Hulsan Lake), Sap Niep (Senie Lake). … There are also small branches of the Cach Nhi Moc River (Golmud), Sai Dat Moc River… flowing into it.

Kha’erhan is the largest salt lake in China, and also one of the most famous inland salt lakes in the world. Water constantly evaporates, causing crystallized salt to form on the surface of the lake. The Tang Tang Railway and Qing Tang Highway were built on this salt shelf.

On the Sarhan salt lake, there are 32km of railways and highways running through it. This road is considered the “Ten Thousand Truong Salt Bridge” floating on the vast salt lake.

Lake Saterhan contains more than 50 billion tons of sodium chloride (table salt), which can supply 6 billion people around the world for 1,000 years. Not only that, this place also produces famous carnalite stone. This type of stone is as transparent as crystal, glowing and sparkling in the sunlight, looking extremely eye-catching. Carnalite stone is used to make handicrafts and sophisticated interior decoration.

The area around the salt lake is as flat as an endless desert, creating an extremely unique landscape. Viewed from above, the salt fields appear like giant sparkling fish scales stacked evenly on top of each other, layer upon layer. The unfortunate thing is that there are no trees here, no fish in the water, and no birds flying in the sky. Everything was just a piece of salty silence.

The salt shelf on the lake has a very large load, cars and trains can pass through. Planes can also land on this salt shelf, and even building houses and factories is completely possible. The Tang Tang Highway and Qing Tang Railway run across the 32 km long salt lake, called the “Thousand-zhang Salt Bridge” and “Iron and Steel Rainbow” respectively.

Although the Sarhan salt lake is not a place where plants and animals grow, it does produce beautiful gems, “magical salt flowers” that grow in the middle of the vast salt field.

Salt flower is the crystallized state of salt after water evaporates. Depending on the concentration of Sodium Chloride in the water, the formation time and hardness of the salt flower will be different.

Salt flowers crystallize in Sat Nhi Khan Lake like pearls and coral, sparkling layer by layer, making this place even more splendid like a fairyland. That is also the reason why Sarhan salt lake welcomes more than tens of thousands of tourists each year, even though the roads and climate conditions are not very favorable for sightseeing.

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