North Carolina’s Rare Snakes: Unveiling Their Unique Defense Mechanism – The Astonishing ‘Living Corpses.AnhDiep

When threatened, rather than attacking the enemy, this non-venomous hognose snake will fight back… pretending to be dead, with its mouth wide open, rolling and writhing.

Strange snake species that can "play dead" in America - 1

However, simply flip it over and the snake will immediately resume crawling as usual. This snake is described as being quite similar to a cobra and hissing. The name of this snake is pig nose, its other nickname is “viper strike”.

In the wild, hognose snakes can grow up to 1.2 meters (4 feet) long and are found in the eastern part of the United States, from Florida to New England and parts of southern Canada.

Its main foods include frogs, salamanders, birds and small mammals.

Despite its terrifying appearance and wide, menacing mouth, the venom of this snake is not very toxic, it does not cause death, it only causes swelling and itching.

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