Animals have proved that, not only once, they’re gentle souls when it comes to helping those who are in need. Yet they never cease amaze us with their unending compassion. A gorilla’s gesture of tenderness to a wounded bird went viral, and with an amazing reason! The video, captured on a camera at an zoo located within New South Wales, Australia is a sad gorilla observing a bird who was thrown under his unit. As soon as it spots the bird’s tiny size it is quick to look into. Following that, he gently lies down next to the bird’s helpless body and then examines the bird by gently touching it. The kind gesture is nothing short of breathtaking to all who witnessed the scene.

“He’s so kind with it.” one of the witnesses can be heard. according to another witness, “It looks like he’s trying to make it move.” Then , a woman asks: “Just how remarkable was that?”

You can see the beautiful display screen of compassion right here. The bird actually didn’t fly off, the gorilla strolled away without damaging it.” the summary of the video reads. “It was amazing that the size of a creature was so gentle.” While the motion of the gorilla appears to be quite unusual and unusual, it should not come as an unexpected surprise. Gorillas are described as very friendly and caring pets.
The Globe Wild animals Fund describes the gorillas to be “gentle giants that exhibit many human-like traits and feelings like joy and sadness. They’re intelligent pets and frequently delight us with their behavior and feelings that are comparable to human experiences.”