Mysterious Giant ‘Eye’ Wide Open in the Sky.TranYen

According to the author of the photo, this is not a product of photoshop and when capturing that magical moment, he felt like he was being watched.

The cloud has a strange shape.

Giant cloud eyes when observed from a distance.

An amateur photographer was amazed when he captured an image of a cloud that looked like a pair of giant eyes hovering in the sky near his home.
The Daily Mail reported that Graham Telford noticed this strange natural phenomenon in the sky over Leeds, Yorkshire (UK) on May 3.

The 46-year-old man said he felt like he was being watched when he took a picture of this strangely shaped cloud.

Some people think that the “giant eye in the sky” is a type of lenticular cloud formed when strong winds blow over rough terrain.

Mr Telford said the giant eye-shaped cloud then disappeared very quickly.
Amateur photographer Telford.

Mr Telford said he had been taking pictures of clouds for years but had never seen anything quite like it.

Some suggested the photo had been photoshopped, but Mr Telford denied this.

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