I felt devastated when my child was born with a facial deformity, believing that God had forsaken them. Despite my sorrow, I continue to pray daily for my child’s happiness and wellbeing.ThanhSInh

In the depths of despair, my heart heavy with grief,
When my child was born with a facial deformity, my faith faced a thief.
Feeling devastated, I believed God had turned away,
Overwhelmed by sorrow, I searched for strength to stay.

With tear-stained eyes, I pray daily, seeking solace and grace,
For my child’s happiness and wellbeing, I find solace in this sacred space.
In the face of adversity, I hold onto hope’s gentle thread,
Believing that God’s love will guide them ahead.

Oh, the weight of the burden, so difficult to bear,
But within me, a flame of love, steadfast and rare.
Through the darkest nights, I seek comfort in prayer,
Humbly beseeching for my child’s happiness to repair.

In my plea, I earnestly ask for your support and care,
To join me in lifting my child in thoughts and prayer.
For when we stand together, united by love’s embrace,
We can bring forth miracles, helping them find solace.

Though their appearance may be different, with challenges they face,
Let us surround them with compassion, creating a sacred space.
In the face of adversity, let empathy be our guide,
Extending a helping hand, standing by their side.

For every child, regardless of their physical form,
Deserves acceptance, love, and a life that’s warm.
In the depths of their struggle, let us be their relief,
A source of strength, providing them belief.

Through prayers and unity, let’s build a foundation strong,
Where my child’s spirit can soar, like a joyful song.
May their smile radiate, brighter than the sun,
And may their wellbeing grow, their battles won.

Though the road may be challenging, we won’t lose sight,
For together, we’ll overcome and help them find light.
With unwavering faith and the support we impart,
We’ll uplift their spirits, mending every broken part.

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