Embracing in the Rain: Heartwarming Moment Captured as Two Frogs Find Comfort.TranYen

Khoảnh khắc trú mưa bên nhau cực kỳ dễ thương của hai chú ếch ảnh 1

Ajar Setiadi is someone who has always been fascinated with the secret lives of animals around him, near his home in Bogor, Indonesia. And this is exactly what compelled him to pick up a camera some years ago as an initial attempt at documenting the uniqueness of all the reptiles and animals (snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and insects) that he has spent so many hours of his life watching.

Khoảnh khắc trú mưa bên nhau cực kỳ dễ thương của hai chú ếch ảnh 1

Having spent a lot of hours behind the lens, he has developed a knack for capturing the cutest moments of these little creatures and if we might say so, these moments are very close to human emotions.

And, the rainy season is one of Setiadi’s favorite seasons. Because he likes to see how the white frogs the white tree frogs, also known as dumpy tree frogs, take cover under the vegetation in the cutest way you can imagine.

Shocking, frogs also dance like humans in rain

And one day in February, while he was out and about in the rain, he saw something unbearably cute. He saw a frog sheltering another from the elements in a very sweet manner! They were using a flower as an umbrella and the frog had one hand casually thrown around the other, in a sweet gesture of sheltering.





























He was quick to capture a photo. And he immediately knew that it was a very special moment that he had taken a photo of. Fully aware of the speciality of that moment, he commented: “I could only get a few frames because this moment can’t be repeated,” he said.





























Capturing these magical interactions takes a lot of patience, but for Setiadi, it’s always worth it. “I let [the animals] act,” Setiadi said. “I’m just waiting for the best moment.”

And we hope that Setiadi will keep capturing so many more such photos!

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