Behold Nature’s Marvel: The Astonishing ‘Underwater Waterfall’ That Defies Gravity.TranYen

Located in the southwest of the island of Mauritius, this special “waterfall” is best seen from a helicopter.

🤩Do you see a waterfalls under the ocean?

Mauritius is an island nation located off the coast of the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 km southeast of the coast of the African continent. It is famous in the world for being the only place where the Dodo (an extinct flightless bird) once existed. In addition, Mauritius is also a tropical resort paradise with long white sand beaches, national parks, and luxury resorts.

Admire the world's unique 'underwater waterfall' - Photo 1.

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Located in the southwest of the island, home to Black River Gorges National Park, this particular “waterfall” is best seen from a helicopter.

Admire the world's unique 'underwater waterfall' - Photo 2.

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This “underground waterfall” is actually sand flowing from the shore into deeper waters off the peninsula. Most of the water around Mauritius is 150m deep, but the southern tip is up to 4,000m deep, creating this impressive “waterfall”. The most important element in creating the “waterfall” is the sand, the intermediate color of the whole picture.

Admire the world's unique 'underwater waterfall' - Photo 3.

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The currents created by the waves hitting the island’s unique terrain cause the sand at the bottom to disperse, also coincidentally creating the illusion that the waves are suddenly pulled down, looking from a distance like a natural waterfall in the ocean.

Admire the world's unique 'underwater waterfall' - Photo 4.

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Admire the world's unique 'underwater waterfall' - Photo 5.

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Coming to Mauritius, visitors can immerse themselves in historical and cultural attractions, enjoy recreational activities and most importantly, admire the beautiful natural scenery. Along with other tourist attractions and sites on the island, this “waterfall” has contributed significantly to attracting a large number of visitors here every year.

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