Despite my child being born with a facial deformity, I am deeply saddened and struggle with feelings of abandonment by God.ThanhSinh

In the depths of my soul, an ache resides,
As I navigate a path I never envisioned,
My child, born with a facial deformity,
I grapple with emotions, doubts, and questions.

The weight of sadness rests upon my heart,
As I wonder why this fate was bestowed,
In moments of vulnerability, I feel torn apart,
Abandoned by the divine, left in shadows.

Yet in this darkness, a flicker of hope gleams,
A flame of resilience that refuses to fade,
For within me, a strength begins to stream,
To face the challenges, undeterred and unswayed.

I wrestle with anguish, seeking solace and peace,
Yearning for answers, for a comforting embrace,
But in the midst of my struggle, faith finds release,
Guiding me toward the strength to face.

Though I question and doubt, I still pray,
For the fortitude to support my child’s way,
To find beauty beyond the surface, to convey,
That love transcends appearances every day.

In the depths of despair, I seek understanding,
For this journey, though hard, is not for naught,
For within my child lies a spirit so commanding,
A strength that surpasses what can be taught.

Though the road may be arduous, I find solace,
In the unwavering love for my child, so pure,
And in the support of those who offer solace,
I discover a strength that will endure.

For God’s plan may be veiled and mysterious,
Yet love’s light shines through, steadfast and true,
In the embrace of community, grace becomes serious,
And together, we’ll navigate this journey anew.

So, though sadness lingers and doubts may persist,
I hold onto faith, even when it’s hard to believe,
For in the depths of my love, my child is kissed,
And through it all, love’s power will never deceive.

In this narrative, we rise above despair,
Embracing our uniqueness, our stories we share,
For in the tapestry of life, beauty takes many forms,
And in the face of adversity, love transforms.

So let us stand united, our spirits intertwined,
Supporting one another, with hearts aligned,
For despite the challenges we may face each day,
Love’s resilience will guide us, come what may.

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