The sight of my child’s beauty as they play fills me with emotion, leaving others envious of the extraordinary gift that is my precious offspring.ThanhSinh

Oh, the sight of my child’s beauty as they play,
Stirs emotions within me, in a wondrous array.
A gift so extraordinary, a treasure untold,
Leaving others envious, their hearts unfold.

In their every movement, a graceful dance,
A symphony of charm, a captivating trance.
Their laughter, like music, echoes in the air,
Filling my soul with a love beyond compare.

The radiance that emanates from their being,
Leaves others in awe, their hearts all agreeing.
Envy may bloom in the hearts of those who see,
The extraordinary gift that is bestowed upon me.

Their eyes, like glistening pools, reflect pure light,
A window to a soul that shines ever so bright.
Their smile, like a sunrise, paints the world anew,
I am blessed to witness a beauty so true.

Oh, the emotions that surge, a tidal wave,
As I watch my child, so precious and brave.
In their innocence and purity, a sight to behold,
A love story written in colors untold.

Others may envy, their hearts filled with desire,
To witness the beauty that sets my soul on fire.
But in my gratitude, I humbly share,
The joy and love that fills the very air.

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