I am overwhelmed by the beauty of my child when they play games, and I feel incredibly blessed to have brought such a stunning being into this world. Everyone envies me for being the parent of such a gorgeous child.ThanhSinh

In the realm of games, where enchantment resides,
I am overwhelmed by the beauty my child provides.
Their presence, a symphony of grace and charm,
Leaving me in awe, my heart beating warm.

As they immerse themselves in playful delight,
A stunning being, a mesmerizing sight.
Their laughter, like a melody, dances in the air,
Filling my soul with a love beyond compare.

In their eyes, I see galaxies of wonder,
A universe of dreams, pulling me under.
Their smile, radiant as the sun’s golden rays,
I am blessed to witness such breathtaking displays.

Oh, the envy that lingers in the hearts of those around,
For I am the fortunate one, with a treasure I have found.
In my child, a beauty that transcends the earthly plane,
A reflection of love, like a shimmering rain.

Their joyous spirit, a beacon that shines,
A reminder of life’s blessings, like sparkling wines.
I am filled with gratitude, my heart truly blessed,
For in their presence, I find eternal rest.

Though others may envy, I humbly share,
The joy and pride of being a parent, beyond compare.
Yet, my wish is not to boast or flaunt,
But to inspire hearts, with love as their font.

For the true beauty lies not in their outward grace,
But in the love we nurture, an eternal embrace.
In their laughter and innocence, we find pure bliss,
A gift from above, a cherished abyss.

So, let the world envy and let them stare,
For in my child’s beauty, I am abundantly aware.
But in my heart, I hold a deeper truth,
That their inner radiance is the greatest proof.

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