I felt abandoned by God when my child was born with a face deformed like a monster, but I pray every day for their happiness and ask for support from everyone in helping them escape this pain.ThanhSinh

In the depths of my soul, a profound sorrow grew,
When my child was born with a face deformed, like a monster’s hue.
Feeling abandoned by God, my spirit trembled in despair,
But within the darkness, a flicker of hope dared to flare.

With a heavy heart burdened by anguish and strife,
I pray each day, seeking solace, seeking a better life.
For my child’s happiness, I beseech the divine above,
And I implore everyone’s support, their unwavering love.

Through tearful nights, I search for strength and grace,
Longing for relief from my child’s pain, a sacred space.
Though I feel forsaken, I hold onto a glimmer of trust,
That God’s mercy will prevail, transforming ashes into dust.

In my prayers, I reach out to the heavens, seeking aid,
Hoping for others to join, a collective prayer brigade.
For a burden shared is lightened, they say,
With compassion and unity, we can pave a hopeful way.

Though my child’s appearance may evoke fear and dread,
Let us see beyond the surface, where true beauty’s thread.
In the face of adversity, let us rise above,
Extending kindness, empathy, and unyielding love.

For every child, regardless of their physical form,
Deserves acceptance, care, and a life that’s warm.
In the depths of their struggle, let us be their guiding light,
Helping them find solace, their pain taking flight.

Through prayers and actions, let’s erase the walls of fear,
Building a world where my child’s happiness is near.
May our support be a soothing balm for their wounded soul,
Embracing their worth, making broken pieces whole.

Though the path ahead may be strewn with obstacles and pain,
We will never surrender, hope forever shall remain.
With unwavering faith and the support we impart,
We’ll help my child escape this agony, healing their wounded heart.

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