When my child was born with deformities, I felt abandoned by God. Despite my sadness, I prayed earnestly every day for my child’s happiness and hoped for the support of others in aiding their escape from suffering.ThanhSinh

In the depths of my soul, a storm raged on,
When my child was born with deformities, my faith was tested, my spirit forlorn.
Feeling abandoned by God, I questioned the divine plan,
In the midst of sorrow, I searched for strength, holding onto hope as best I can.

With a heavy heart, I faced the reality at hand,
Yet amidst the darkness, a flicker of light began to expand.
I prayed earnestly, with every fiber of my being,
For my precious child’s happiness, a life worth seeing.

Through tear-stained nights, I beseeched the heavens above,
To guide my child’s journey with an abundance of love.
Though sadness consumed me, I held onto a glimmer of trust,
That God’s grace would shine, turning suffering into dust.

In my prayers, I sought solace and relief,
For my child to find joy, to overcome each hardship and grief.
And in this plea, I humbly ask for your support,
To rally together, to uplift and comfort.

For a burden shared is a burden halved, they say,
With the collective strength of compassion, we pave the way.
Let us extend our hands, our hearts, and our care,
To help my child escape the pain they bear.

Though their journey may be arduous, filled with strife,
Let us be the pillars that support them through life.
With love as our compass, we’ll walk by their side,
Nurturing their spirit, igniting their pride.

For every child, regardless of differences they possess,
Deserves empathy, understanding, and kindness, no less.
In the face of adversity, let us foster a world of grace,
Where their unique beauty shines, leaving no trace.

Together, we can break down the walls of despair,
With unwavering faith, reminding them that we care.
Through our prayers and actions, let’s bring them solace,
Embracing their worth, their dreams we shall polish.

In the midst of pain, may hope be their guide,
A beacon of light, standing tall with unwavering pride.
Though the road may be long, we’ll never give in,
For strength lies within, and together we’ll win.

So, as I share my story and ask for your aid,
May compassion and support never fade.
In the face of adversity, let’s unite as one,
To uplift my child and help them overcome.

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