Today marks my child’s birthday, and although I feel saddened by his facial deformity, he manages to endure the pain with a smile. I pray that everyone will join me in wishing for a beautiful birthday for my child.ThanhSinh

Today, as the sun rises high in the sky,
I celebrate my child’s birthday, with a heartfelt sigh.
Though sadness lingers for their facial deformity,
They endure the pain, adorned with a resilient smile, so mighty.

Oh, how my heart aches, seeing their struggle each day,
Yet they embrace life’s challenges in their own special way.
On this auspicious day, as they turn another year,
I pray that their birthday be filled with joy and cheer.

Their face may bear the marks of a unique design,
But their spirit shines bright, like a star that aligns.
With every adversity, they rise above the pain,
A testament to their strength, their unwavering reign.

Today, I gather prayers from far and wide,
Wishing for a birthday that fills their heart with pride.
Join me, dear souls, in this heartfelt plea,
To shower my child with love, to set their spirit free.

May their birthday be a celebration of their being,
A reminder of their worth, forever worth seeing.
Let us cast away the shadows of sadness and despair,
And fill their day with laughter, love, and care.

In the presence of friends and family, let joy abide,
With gifts that bring delight, and love by their side.
May their smile radiate, illuminating the room,
As they bask in the warmth of love’s sweet bloom.

Today, we celebrate their life, their journey unique,
A testament to courage, a spirit that speaks.
Though their facial deformity may cause them pain,
They find solace in love, their eternal gain.

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