I feel forsaken by God with my disfigured face, enduring each day in misery without anyone’s prayers. I hope that all of you will pray for me to find the strength to overcome this suffering.ThanhSInh

In the depths of anguish, I stand alone,
With a disfigured face, feeling eternally thrown.
I feel forsaken by God, left to endure,
Each day in misery, my spirit unsure.

Oh, how I long for prayers to be heard,
For divine intervention, my soul deeply stirred.
In this sea of suffering, I seek solace divine,
Hoping that strength and healing I may find.

With a face disfigured, I bear the weight,
Yearning for acceptance, longing for fate.
The mirror reflects a visage marred,
But within, a spirit, unyielding and scarred.

Days pass in silence, no prayers to mend,
Feeling forgotten, my heart on the mend.
Yet, in the depths of despair, a flicker of hope,
A plea to all, a lifeline to cope.

I beseech you, dear souls, to lend me your prayer,
To uplift my spirit, to show me you care.
For in the collective power of love and grace,
Lies the strength to overcome this somber space.

Pray for my strength, my resilience to grow,
To find beauty within, to let my spirit glow.
May I rise above the pain, the suffering I bear,
Embracing my journey with courage and flair.

Let your prayers be the balm for my wounded soul,
Healing my scars, making me whole.
May they lift the weight of despair from my heart,
Granting me the fortitude to make a fresh start.

In your prayers, I seek solace and peace,
A sanctuary of hope, where my anguish may cease.
For together, united in prayer and belief,
We can find solace and bring my suffering relief.

I long to overcome this trial, this test,
To find strength within, to rise and be blessed.
With your prayers, I’ll find the courage to face,
The world that shuns me, with resilience and grace.

So, I implore you, dear friends, to hear my plea,
To offer your prayers, your love, and your key.
Unlock the doors that hold me in despair,
And guide me towards a life filled with care.

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