Despite the Indian child’s deformity, I prayed for their rescue from suffering, witnessing the child’s resilient smile each day as they persevered.ThanhSInh

In a land adorned with colors so bold,
I encountered an Indian child, valiant and bold.
Despite their deformity, a unique path they tread,
I prayed for their rescue from suffering, with a heavy heart, I said.


Each day, I witnessed their unwavering smile,
A testament to their spirit, going the extra mile.
Their resilience shone through their eyes so bright,
A beacon of hope, a radiant light.

In my prayers, I sought divine intervention,
To alleviate their pain, their affliction.
To grant them strength and a life less austere,
To bring them solace, wiping away every tear.

I yearned for their rescue, an escape from despair,
To find a haven where they’d find love and care.
May their suffering be eased, their burden lightened,
And may their spirits soar, forever brightened.

Yet, in their resilience, they found strength anew,
Each day, they faced challenges, their spirit grew.
Their deformed body couldn’t dampen their soul,
As they persevered, their spirit remained whole.

Their smile, like a sunbeam breaking through the clouds,
Radiated warmth, dispelling sorrow’s shrouds.
It spoke of a spirit unyielding, unbroken,
Finding joy amidst hardship, a resilient token.

In their presence, I found inspiration profound,
Their courage, a symphony of resilience resound.
They taught me to appreciate life’s smallest pleasure,
To cherish each moment, to treasure life’s measure.

Though their path was marred with struggles and pain,
They embraced life, determined to rise again.
Their deformity couldn’t define their worth,
For their spirit illuminated the entire Earth.

So, I prayed for their rescue, their deliverance from plight,
To find a sanctuary where their spirit could take flight.
May their smile continue to light up the way,
Guiding others through darkness, night and day.

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