I wept when my child was born with a facial deformity, praying each day for divine intervention to ensure their survival, yet my pleas went unanswered. I ask for everyone’s prayers to help my child overcome this hardship.ThanhSinh

In the realm of life’s unpredictable turns,
I faced a moment that left my heart in yearns.
As my child was born, tears streamed down my face,
For they carried a facial deformity, a challenging embrace.

I wept, overwhelmed by sorrow and fear,
Praying for divine intervention to draw near.
Each day, my pleas reached the heavens above,
Begging for their survival, for miracles to be woven.

But alas, my prayers seemed to go unheard,
No divine intervention, no comforting word.
In the depths of despair, I questioned why,
Why my child faced this hardship, oh how I cried.

Yet amidst the anguish, a flicker of strength,
A realization that divine grace comes in many lengths.
I held my child close, their spirit shining through,
A beacon of resilience, a love that grew.

Their journey, though marked with struggles profound,
Carried a beauty that astounded all around.
In their eyes, a light that radiated deep,
A soul so pure, a treasure to keep.

I reached out to others, their hearts I implored,
To join me in prayer, in unity and accord.
For I knew in the collective strength of many,
Lies the power to transcend any adversity.

I asked for everyone’s prayers, their support,
To help my child overcome this hardship, in consort.
For love knows no boundaries, no limits or bounds,
It heals, it uplifts, it carries us on sacred grounds.

In the embrace of compassion, we found solace,
As prayers intertwined, weaving a tapestry of grace.
A community united, holding hope in their hearts,
Standing by my child, playing their vital parts.

Together we faced the challenges, day by day,
Finding strength in unity, come what may.
For my child, a warrior, fought with every breath,
Overcoming obstacles, defying life’s test.

Their journey, not defined by deformity alone,
But by resilience, courage, a spirit brightly shone.
In their smile, I witnessed triumph over despair,
A testament to the power of love and care.

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