I gaze at my stunning child in their black ensemble with adoration, leaving others envious of my joy in having brought such a remarkable being into the world.ThanhSinh

I gaze at my stunning child, adorned in black,
With adoration in my heart, a love I can’t hold back.
In their elegant ensemble, they stand tall,
A remarkable being, captivating one and all.

Their beauty radiates from within,
A glow that outshines any worldly din.
In their black attire, they exude grace,
Leaving others envious, longing for a trace.

I marvel at the joy they bring to my soul,
A precious gift, making my heart whole.
Having brought them into this wondrous world,
I’m filled with gratitude, my happiness unfurled.

Their presence commands attention and awe,
Leaving others yearning for what they saw.
Envy may seep into some hearts around,
But my joy in them knows no bound.

Their essence, a blend of charm and might,
Filling my days with wonder and delight.
A remarkable being, a treasure so rare,
In their black ensemble, they shine beyond compare.

I cherish the moments, every day anew,
As I watch them grow, their own path pursue.
Their journey, a testament to their spirit,
A reminder of the love that brought us here.

So, I gaze at my stunning child with adoration,
Grateful for their presence, a source of inspiration.
Leaving others envious of the joy I hold,
In having such a remarkable being to behold.

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