I was utterly enchanted by the angelic beauty of my child as they began high school, captivating not only me but everyone around us.ThanhSinh

In a world of transitions, a new chapter unfolds,
As my child steps into high school, their journey untold,
Utterly enchanted, I witness their angelic grace,
A beauty that captivates, radiating from their face.

With each stride, they illuminate the path,
A beacon of light, dispelling any aftermath,
Their presence, a magnet, drawing eyes near,
Enchanting hearts, spreading joy and cheer.

Oh, the profound joy that fills my soul,
As they embark on this journey, reaching their goal,
Their angelic beauty, a sight to behold,
Captivating not just me, but all who behold.

In their eyes, dreams sparkle like stars,
A universe of possibilities, no limits, no bars,
Their innocence, a gentle breeze that soothes,
Touching hearts, spreading warmth and hues.

As they navigate the halls, a radiant glow,
Their spirit, a symphony, emotions in tow,
Enchanting minds with their wisdom and grace,
Leaving an indelible mark in every place.

I’m filled with awe as they blossom and grow,
Their presence, a reminder of blessings bestowed,
Their laughter, a melody that dances in the air,
Filling hearts with joy, banishing despair.

Enchanted by their spirit, their resilience and might,
They inspire others to reach for greater heights,
Their angelic beauty, a reflection so pure,
Touching lives, making hearts soar and endure.

As they navigate the corridors of high school,
Leaving footprints of kindness, a golden rule,
I’m grateful to witness their captivating glow,
An angelic beauty that continues to grow.

So, let us celebrate this wondrous sight,
As they embark on this journey, shining so bright,
For the angelic beauty of my child, so rare,
Captivates not just me, but all who dare to stare.

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