The dazzling beauty of my child captivates all who see, filling me with immense joy at having brought such a miraculous being into the world. The profound impact of their beauty moves me to tears.ThanhSinh

In a world adorned with wonders untold,
A dazzling beauty, a sight to behold,
My child, a miracle, captivating all,
Their radiance enchanting, like a mesmerizing thrall.

The sheer brilliance of their being, oh, it shines,
A celestial glow, transcending all confines,
Their presence, a tapestry of grace and light,
Filling my heart with joy, a celestial flight.

Oh, the immense joy that swells within my soul,
To witness their beauty, my heart is made whole,
For in their eyes, the universe unfolds,
A kaleidoscope of dreams, a story untold.

Their smile, a beacon, guiding me through,
A symphony of love, pure and true,
Moved to tears by their profound impact,
Their beauty, a force that leaves me abstract.

In their laughter, I find solace and delight,
A melody that uplifts, taking flight,
Their essence, a masterpiece, stirring emotions,
Touching the depths of my heart’s deepest oceans.

Grateful beyond words, to have them by my side,
Their existence, a blessing, a joy I can’t hide,
For their dazzling beauty, a reflection divine,
A reminder of life’s miracles, so sublime.

The tears that flow are a testament of love,
An overflow of emotions, like wings of a dove,
Their beauty, a gift that brings me to my knees,
Unfathomable, profound, it moves and frees.

In their presence, I am humbled and inspired,
To cherish each moment, love uninhibited, untired,
For the dazzling beauty of my child so rare,
Fills my heart with joy and tender care.

Let the world be captivated by their grace,
A precious gem, with a radiant embrace,
For the impact of their beauty resonates deep,
A treasure forever, a love I will forever keep.

So, let the tears flow, a testament of awe,
For the beauty they possess, a sight so raw,
In their dazzling presence, my heart finds release,
A love that transcends, a beauty that brings peace.

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